Web++: A Better Mental Model Than Installing Apps

  • You have to install native apps.
  • You have to keep them updated.
  • They take up space on your phone.
  • They add yet another icon to your home screen or launcher.
  • To do something, you have to stop and think, “Which app is this part of?” For example, to order groceries from Amazon, I open the Amazon app, but don’t find it. I later realise that I should have remembered to open the Prime Now app, not the Amazon app. To join a Meet call, I open the Gmail app. This is counter-intuitive. The web doesn’t have these rigid boundaries. You keep navigating smoothly from one web page to another without regard to which app they’re part of. It’s like driving down the road, not like crossing a border. The web just works.

Step 1: Better App Stores

Step 2: Better Integration




Consulting CTO. Earlier: Google | Founder | CTO | Advisor

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Kartick Vaddadi

Kartick Vaddadi

Consulting CTO. Earlier: Google | Founder | CTO | Advisor

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