Try Different Types of Jobs

Over the course of my career so far, I’ve had different kinds of jobs:

  • I worked at a giant company.
  • I became an independent app developer, trying to make and sell an app by myself.
  • I started a startup.
  • I ran a consultancy.
  • I advised startups, in various ways: in exchange for a negotiated amount of equity. With a gentleman’s agreement that if the startup succeeds, the founder will pay me whatever he thinks is fair if he succeeds. With no expectation of money.
  • I tried to work part-time.

As a result, I have a lot of clarity on what kind of jobs do and don’t work for me. I won’t have to try these again in my career [1].

When I quit my job at a giant company, I didn’t make an incremental change by working at a mid-sized company. Instead, I went all the way to the extreme, to the smallest possible company, a company of one, by working as an independent app developer. Each job you take should be significantly different from previous ones, not slightly different. That way, you explore the space of possibilities much quicker than taking decades to do it. And going too far and back-tracking is a better search strategy, since you don’t know what’s too far till after the fact.

In today’s world, we have a lot more options than our parents ever had. So, explore these to find out what works for you, so that you have a satisfying career.

[1] Unless circumstances drastically change.

Consulting CTO. Earlier: Google | Founder | CTO | Advisor