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  • Arvind Saraf

    Arvind Saraf

    Arvind (http://www.linkedin.com/in/arvind-saraf/) is a Computer engineer (IIT, MIT, Google) turned technology/impact entrepreneur.

  • Jocelyn Goldfein

    Jocelyn Goldfein

    Currently: Zetta Venture Partners. Formerly: Angel Investor, Engineer @ Facebook, VMware, Startups, Trilogy.

  • kEwAl kRiShNa

    kEwAl kRiShNa

    Product Engineering Guy; ExFounder, Present Manager, Always an Enthusiast

  • Terry Crowley

    Terry Crowley

  • Clay Bavor

    Clay Bavor

    VP of Virtual and Augmented Reality at Google.

  • Sai


    Curious to Learn, Passionate, Entrepreneurial Foresight, Photographer, Compulsive Foodie, Love travelling,

  • Jayawant Tewari

    Jayawant Tewari

  • Rohit Jain

    Rohit Jain

    Tech. Product and everything in between. Early stage investor at Pravega Ventures.

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