Companies That Will Win or Lose Due to Coronavirus

What kind of companies will win?

  • Any communication tool, like video chat or messaging.
  • Any organisation tool, like Trello.
  • Any cloud service, like OneDrive.
  • Virtual versions of physical products, like a virtual whiteboarding service, instead of gathering around a physical whiteboard.
  • Virtual versions of physical services, like online colleges instead of physical ones. Or a bank where you don’t need to visit a branch, or have the salesperson visit you, any more than you visit a Google branch to open a Gmail account.
  • Any situation where instead of you going to a business, they come to you. For example, a courier app where you press a button to have a guy come by for a pickup. Or an app that lets you find an instructor to teach you yoga at home instead you going to a “studio”.
  • Any company that helps legacy companies reinvent their businesses, as with the bank example above. This has been dubbed “digital transformation”.
  • Payment apps.
  • Internet infrastructure, and supporting equipment like modems and routers.
  • Home office equipment like desks, computer chairs, big high-resolution monitors, etc.
  • Budget brands in any market, because people will have less money and less confidence in spending it.
  • Online-to-offline products. For example, say I want to buy the new iPhone SE, and want it in two hours. This might be because I’m excited and can’t wait, or I want it before traveling, or it’s a last-minute gift for a loved one. In any case, why can’t I press a button in an app, and have the nearest shop deliver it to me in two hours, faster than Amazon, which delivers only tomorrow?
  • Any counter-cyclical company, like insurance. As another example, a friend of mine who’s a financial advisor told me more people want his services now.

What kind of companies will lose?

  • Any luxury brand.
  • Any service that lets you go out and do something, like Google Maps, vacation planners, vehicle rentals (whether with a driver, like Uber, or without, like Yulu).
  • Any business that lets you do something by going somewhere which you could just as well do online.
  • Procyclical sectors like automotive.




Consulting CTO. Earlier: Google | Founder | CTO | Advisor

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Kartick Vaddadi

Kartick Vaddadi

Consulting CTO. Earlier: Google | Founder | CTO | Advisor

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